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In Memory Of...

Dear Lord may we never forget our fallen Heroes.

May we never forget the weary.

May we never forget The Price paid.

Almighty God many are still on the front lines We ask Protection

Many are remembering the Lost.

We ask Comfort.

Many are alone in their memories of war and rumors of war..

Yet, you Almighty God are the giver of life and we cherish each life.

And You O Lord are our guide and security in the eternal.

On this unique Memorial Day be a strength to us all in.

As many are in solitude and reflection

Grant us Peace, Healing and Safety.

We thank you Almighty One for the greatest Nation on Earth!

May she rise from the trial May she continue to be strong

And may we all stand AS ONE

We pray thru your precious Name Amen

From The Chaplains Robert and Theresa Phillips

630 301 1741

Remember if you need assistance

Service Officer Dennis Larson


The Auxiliary President

Joanne Surratt 630- 542- 8088

Vanessa LaSota Liaison for Center


St Charles The City That Loves America

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