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He's Got You! Chaplain's Corner

As we reflect on the days and times we are in We ask the Almighty to shine in us

Let your eternal light shine in our hearts as we ask all to be delivered from evil.

We ask O God that your Presence quickens us and refreshes us sustains us and holds us.

God you know the necessities we have need of in home work family and friends.

We know the days may seem long as we have been apart Sheltered in.

But You of master of the universe reminds us daily.

That you have the whole world in your hands you have the whole wide world in your hands…

Ahh Yes we know the tune.

And dear Lord by know it we know we are sheltered in You.

Thank you for all you have done. And we thank you for keepings us as one.

In your mighty name we pray. Amen


Be uplifted

Remember the Center is closed

But Feel free to contact

Chaplains Robert and Theresa Phillips

630- 301- 1741

If you need assistance or prayer Please call the Numbers below

Please Call Rich Zawislak Commander Of American Legion and is a member of VFW and AmVets

847- 910- 9819

Service Officer Dennis Larson


The Auxiliary President

Joanne Surratt 630- 542- 8088

Vanessa LaSota Liaison for The St Charles Veterans Center


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