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Covid Update St Charles Veterans Center And Vaccine Info

Updated: Apr 20


Effective 1/13/2021

FACILITY: Wednesday and Saturday coffee & donuts fellowships capacity: 50 persons.

DAILY OPERATIONS: will continue.

FOOD PANTRY: will continue.

POST MEETINGS: will be conducted in person or via "ZOOM". If you need help with Zoom, please call the Veterans Center prior to any meeting day for assistance at (630) 377-9845.

Let us know of any special needs or concerns during this time, please do not hesitate to call the Veterans Center at (630) 377-9845.


Hines VA Hospital has announced that VA Health Care enrolled veterans are able to schedule an appointment to receive their COVID-19 Vaccine. Appointments are available 7 days per week. Veterans in the categories in the email below can call their VA provider, the call center at 708-202-2707, or 708-202-7000 for scheduling. 55% of Kane County’s veteran population is age 65 and older and over 4,500 of Kane County’s veterans population is enrolled in the VA Health Care system.

Effective 3/30/2021...Hines VA Hospital is now providing the COVID-19 vaccine to non-enrolled veterans and veteran’s spouses on a “walk-in” basis. Information is still limited at this time and the ability to schedule those vaccinations is not yet available. However, non-enrolled veterans and their spouses can go to Hines VA Hospital on a “walk-in” basis to receive the vaccine. This information is subject to change based on availability and capacity. Further information will be disseminated when it becomes available.

Effective 4/02/2021...The Aurora VA Clinic is now able to provide non-enrolled veterans and spouses of veterans with the COVID-19 vaccine. YOU MUST CALL THE CLINIC TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT AT (630) 859-2504. To speed processing up, the clinic is requesting that you complete the attached form prior to arrival.

For those veterans residing in Kane County who are NOT enrolled in the VA Health Care system but would like to enroll, can call our office at 630-232-3550 to complete an enrollment application.

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