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Being A Member of The Women's Auxiliary Post 342

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Being A Member of the American Legion Women’s Auxiliary post 342. What it’s done for me.

The Rt. Rev Dr. Theresa Phillips Chaplain WA

I’ve been a member of our local Auxiliary for about 4 years. I'm honored to be able to give back to those who have given us so much!

I joined so I could support my husband The Rev T.Sgt. Robert Phillips USAF (ret) It meant a lot to him to have someone with him

I was happy to do so.

I quickly became involved and felt a great companionship amongst the ladies who were serving.

I was excited to help recruit some along with us and have been seeing growth in the chapter.

Yet, I must confess not being military minded I have learned a great deal!

I was always patriotic but, my patriotism has grown.

My father served with many of my uncles in WW2. I was not completely ignorant. Or so I thought.

As I watched and learned the protocols of the post and its members I grew some more. It wasn’t long before I became part of the Unit… Uniform style and all.

I was overwhelmed at the WW2 veterans who still do many marvelous things... Like jumping out of planes. Helping with charities and being active members well into their 90s.

It’s quite surreal when I see them active, especially in a society when many seem tucked away from public service. Yet. the ones I see are ACTIVE and VERY Inspirational!

Thanks Guys and Gals!

And yes, I see Women Veterans who have dutifully filled their place and have such a high regard for them as well. Not often are they regarded as less than but equals in many respects.

Again inspirational!

The, I was asked to pray at an event. It was a Pearl Harbor Remembrance dinner.

From there I’ve been asked several times to open or close. And have officiated memorials etc.

I am an ordained minister and chaplain just doing my part. But here it's totally different than church. In some respects a lot different. But the love never changes.

Yet my heart swells with HONOR each time I am asked not because of who I am but because of who these Patriots really are!

They are from all branches. All Campaigns. Some suffer and some never show they suffer. Yet All know their untold story as if in the power of silence, the story is relived in the bond of Unity.

They laugh they cry and they breathe who they are. And who and what they have been. It causes one to reflect within and gratefulness grows.

I’ve seen the humility and the respect for each one countless of times.

And I am Blessed.

Being part of the Auxiliary I have grown. I have felt this is the way I can serve my County. My State My City alongside what my husband has done. I am hoping im giving back!

That makes me feel wonderful inside.

It was just recently I received a family heritage book …It was there I learned that my own mother as extremely active in this very post in her day. I have her hat or one like it. Again it’s like feeling somehow you belong.

Each lady in the Auxiliary has been so wonderful and also so patriotic it make you belong and stronger AS ONE! It's the best way I can say anything about this post they are AS ONE!

I can only hope I too one day will have a legacy to share as I just learnt my mother does. And I am picking it up. Searching for the next generation of patriots.

I hope I can be an example as I have seen so many already!

Thank you Post 342! Thank you St Charles Veterans Center!

O yes. I suggest anyone reading this yes you too can become part of a community of welcome’s as I have seen. I'm personally inviting you.

Dear veteran’s wife or family member.

If you are reading this as a Lady in the Auxiliary I personally invite you to come to the post on a Saturday mornings about 8 am…check us out and possibly you just might know someone and feel as welcome as I have!


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