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Auxiliary Give Lap Robes To Veterans

Thank you so much for the lap robes.

And thanks to the women who made them. So far, I have given one to Brett Salisbury (35 year old Iraq War veteran who is wheelchair bound and recovering from traumatic brain injury) and one to Norm Skala (96 year old WW2 veteran who served in China as an Army advisor to the Chinese in the fight against the Japanese). I will present the other three next week

And More : One to Casey Stanislavek. He is a 93 year old Navy WW2 veteran who served in the Pacific as a meteorologist on an aircraft carrier. He is very proud of his service and would have stayed in if it wasn’t for his desire to complete high school. He enlisted at the age of 16 with his father’s signature, serving for 4 years prior to being discharged in order to go back to high school and then to college.

He is a newbie at Bickford House. He really appreciated the effort that went into the knitting of this wonderful gift. He kept telling me that he didn’t really deserve it since his days on this earth are short. It was good timing since his birthday is March 2.

One to Betty Butler. We know her history, but I did learn a few new things.

She was nicknamed Betsy Butler by her peers when she served as a pilot trainer on the Link Simulator at Brunswick, Maine Naval Air Station during WW2.

That was a very appropriate memory for her when I presented the lap robe to her.

She was thrilled with it and offered me two of the candies in her pocket.

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