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A Prayer of Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Prayer for You

Heavenly Father we humbly and gratefully thank you for being with us all

On the Battlefields the Ramparts the Skies and Seas.

Thru the marshes and the desert, The Storms and Waves

We thank you that the nation is Your by your Divine Design

You Charged our hearts and filled these shores with inspiring men and women who laid down this lives for our freedoms we hold so dear.


We continually thank you for our safety and your guidance epically during these trying times.

May you be with us in all we do over this Thanksgiving season.

May you watch over those who cannot be with us May you send healing to those who are ill and may you send comfort to those feeling abandoned.

O God of the universe You are Mighty and Strong.

With your outstretched hand protect us and guide us home and abroad

Your Holy Writ requires us to pray for those in authority

We pray for The President the Vice President the Cabinet, Congress and Senate

Please O Lord guide us and keep us safe in the troubled times we share

Our Military Home and Abroad Protect.

Remember those fallen and remember those who are missing.

We shall never forget that you O GOD are with us.


Chaplains Robert And Theresa Phillips

630 301 1741

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